Type: HPR10

91,3 mm

The new HPR10 power relay was designed for the use in trucks, buses and commercial vehicles, e.g. construction machinery, agricultural vehicles and special vehicles (SCRT®). We are exploring new horizons by combining an electro-mechanical switching system with the intelligence of a micro-controller in the same space and offer our customers the smartest power relay yet on the market.

Functions such as follow-up control, ON delay, variable control signal recognition and automatic load disconnection, e.g. in the event of undervoltage, make the HPR10 a high-end relay. Many functions which, up to now, had only been possible by means of accessing the vehicle’s control gear are now covered by the HPR10.

As the HPR10 features the same enclosure design as the MPR10, the benefits of this product group materialise.

Main functions as well as overcurrent protection, if necessary switching thresholds or time windows of the HPR10 can be custom designed with our configurator. Thus you receive a device that is exactly tailored to the requirements of your application. For specification please use our relay configurator:

Relay configurato (international)

Relay configurator (US)

Relay configurator (UK)

NEW! Now also available with robust plug-in connector - compatible with the HDSCS connector series
NEW! Extension to 48 V in the load circuit

Saves time and costs

  • through quick and fault-free mounting
  • thanks to isolation of the control contacts from environmental influences
  • through high resistance against vibration and mechanical stress


额定电压等级 DC 12 V
DC 24 V
DC 48 V
工作电压 DC 16...32 V
DC 9...16 V
持续电流 100 A
200 A
300 A
极数 1 极
温度范围 -40°C...+85°C
接线端子 主回路端子M8 或者 M10
控制回路端子 M4 或HDSCS
安装方式 M4连接器底部及侧面
设计 Cylindrical enclosure
特征 Mechanical power relay for harsh application conditions with microcontroller.

Software offers a range of functionalities.

Extremely power saving due to a bistable drive, which only needs energy during switching operations.
触点类型 mechanical
Certificates KBA: E1 to ECE R10


  • Automation
  • Automotive
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Watercraft & RV
  • 叉车
  • 汽车生产
  • 自动导引车(AGV)
  • 轨道车辆


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