Eco-friendly solutions

Environmental protection is a shared responsibility throughout the E-T-A organisation.

Many factors have driven our market leading crusade: a wealth of ideas, know how, reliability, highly motivated employees and, what is more, a distinct ecological awareness.

A positive approach to the protection of our environment has always been one of E-T-A's major objectives. Experience has proved the effectiveness of this approach once individuals have embraced the notion that environmental protection is truly a matter for them.  In pursuance of our objectives we are committed to:

  • using energy, water and raw materials economically and efficiently
  • maintaining a healthy and safe working environment
  • avoiding risk to our environment and our neighbourhood
  • not only meeting but exceeding all statutory requirements
  • minimising waste material and separating it for treatment purposes, wherever possible
  • working in co-operation with customers, relevant authorities and the community on environmental issues
  • observing the importance of environmental needs throughout the life cycle of our products, from design to ultimate disposal
  • minimising any detrimental effect of our activities on the environment.

By following these guidelines we have developed the necessary pre-conditions for non-polluting work processes.

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